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The arrival of Tserkezidis in the Cyclades gives a boost to the recycling sector

The Macedonian businessman is changing the game with his involvement in the Cyclades.

A powerful presence that is changing the landscape of CYCLADES business is that of Macedonian businessman Nikos Tserkezidis, who is the new big and rising force in a neuralgic sector like recycling.

With strong alliances from the energy business, Tserkezidis is now very actively involved in recycling and is preparing a number of powerful projects in the Cyclades.

TSERKEZIDIS BROS OE was founded in 2003 by brothers Nikos and Yiannis Tserkezidis based in Nikiti, Halkidiki. It is a technical company active in the construction of public or private technical projects (road construction, drainage, irrigation, port, building, energy-industrial, geotechnical and environmental protection projects.) Since 2003 the company has been developing rapidly. performing a variety of public or private technical works.

Today the company is also active in the field of recycling, installing AEKK recycling units in various parts of Greece, with the aim of recycling excavation and demolition products – reclaimed public and private works with finished products such as sand, 3A, iron, aggregate. various grades and materials suitable for vegetable land, litter, quarry restoration, etc.