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Support to the people of Albania

Shocked by the devastating effects of the earthquake activity in our neighboring Albania, Recycle Greece | The Tserkezidis Group of Companies expresses its full support to the people and government of Albania at this difficult time.

Sharing the same neighborhood in the Balkans, we are deeply saddened to see the events of the deadly earthquake that already number more than 200 injured and 13 dead. Our thoughts lie with the families of the victims but also with the volunteers who, from the very first moment of the incident, rushed to provide any assistance to the affected areas, fighting for time for survivors under the debris left by the murderous brutality left behind. knocked at night.

At the same time, by giving self-evident priority to human life, we are giving our solidarity by providing any mechanical assistance from our Company’s fleet to assist in the search for missing persons and the restoration of areas.

A spokeswoman for the company has already contacted the Albanian Embassy in Athens to dispatch the required equipment, depending on the needs of the disaster areas.

The goal is to meet as many needs as possible in the race to find survivors and wound care.

The President & CEO
Recycle Greece Group of Companies
Nikolaos Tserkezidis