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Recycle Greece | Tserkezidis Group of Companies at the Eastmed London Investment Summit by The Economist

Respoding always to the steady growth in the bussness field, Recycle Greece | Tserkezidis Group of Companies attended and participated as “Contributor” the high Investment Summit by “The Economist” entitled’ “THE EASTMED LONDON INVESTEMENT SUMMIT” “Cyprus – Greece – Israel: Propelling a partnership for growth” in London.

Focusing on ensuring energy security in the Eastern Mediterranean and the investment prospects of the countries of Israel, Cyprus and Greece in general and in energy in particular, key speakers from the US, Europe, and Israel developed the discussions around key issues related to energy investment, the international financial environment, and the British policy in the Mediterranean region with Brexit on the background.

With the Deputy Minister of Finance for Fiscal Policy, Mr. Th. Skylakakis, aiming to attract international investment in our country, he reminded the government’s choice to support green investments, by putting the ecology at the “center ” of the speeches.

The correctness of our decision to step up our recycling business in Greece and to expand our operations in the Balkans, by specializing in the recycling of hazardous waste, confirmed the great investment interest expressed in the conference.

At the same time the Senior Advisor to the Atlantic Council in Washington, (G.E.C.) Dr. Tzimitras, characteristically saying: “Today, 26% of world energy comes from renewable energy sources. By 2020, that figure is expected to reach 32%.” revealed the investment prospects of the sector.

At the same time, the President and CEO of Recycle Greece | Tserkezidis Group of Companies, and its close associates, had the oportunity to discuss with conference participants analyzing the company’s investment prospects in the field of energy from alternative sources and waste management with top executives, top banking executives, internationally recognized executives and high-end financial investors.

Specifically, following the completion of the conference and his talks, Mr. N. Tserkezidis said:Our company is armed with vision, will, capabilities and our desire to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet. We invest firmly in the field of recycling and we are expanding our activity to generate energy from alternative sources. Our high goal is the sector of hazardous waste »

With its dynamic presence, the company managed to secure multi-level developments, on the premises of the conference, while Mr. N. Tserkezidis added important appointments in his business agenda.