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Why we choose Composting

The reasons why composting is a key method for managing organic waste has to do with the tripartite environment-society-economy.

  • Because the needs of Greek soils for organic matter are huge, due to their very low content (1%). In Germany, for example, the soil content is organic
    7-8% and composting to raise it to even higher levels.
  • Because 35% of Greek territories are at risk of desertification.
  • Because of the extensive use of compost, the soil erosion and
    many plant pathogens are suppressed.
  • Because there is a great need for rational management and protection of available water and especially for saving it by applying compost to agriculture.
  • Because CO2 emissions are reduced
    and the effects of climate change.
  • Because it is the most economical method of final handling of organic materials.
  • Because it has the widest possible social acceptance and consensus.
  • Because it is the most environmentally friendly.
  • Because first you discuss and apply the cheapest and best options and then you look at whether
    there is a need for expensive and difficult ones.
  • Because one has to put it in Greek society as well.

Food Recycling Benefits:

  • Energy and natural resources are saved
  • Waste and their management problems are reduced
  • Reduces pollution of air, soil and groundwater (thus reducing environmental burden)
  • In the long run, product prices fall (or do not increase) as they are not required
    re-production of raw materials
  • Reduce the cost of collection by municipalities or communities and the transfer of garbage to landfills, thus increasing municipal revenue
  • New jobs are being created in areas of positive action to save the planet
  • The health of the inhabitants of the planet is saved and the best future of children is guaranteed
  • It creates a pleasant feeling and satisfaction for participating in improving the environment and living conditions.
  • Helps reduce malnutrition and hunger in the world.

Source: H.R.A

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