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Company Profile

Tserkezidis Group of Companies

TSERKEZIDIS BROS OE was founded in 2003 by brothers Nikos and Yiannis Tserkezidis and it is based in Nikiti, Halkidiki. It is a technical company which operates in the construction of public or private technical projects (road construction, drainage, irrigation, port, building, energy-industrial, geotechnical and environmental protection projects.) Since 2003 the company has been developing rapidly carrying out a variety of public or private technical projects. Today the company is also actively involved in the recycling sector, installing ECDW recycling units in various parts of Greece, with the aim of recycling excavation and demolition products from public and private projects with end products such as sand, 3A, iron, aggregates of various grades and materials suitable for topsoil, ground covering materials for landfill sites, quarry restoration, etc.

Our Philosophy

Based on our expertise and specialized personnel, we are constantly seeking innovative waste management solutions, thus successfully meeting our customers’ requirements. Our company can offer the necessary solutions to even the most complex environmental problems. Through its operations, TSERKEZIDIS RECYCLE supports research and promotes its business activity while meeting the needs of modern society, ensuring public health and a better environment for tomorrow! The areas of operation we are involved in are hazardous waste, non-hazardous solid waste and all categories of alternative waste management. Compliance with the existing legislation, the constant development and the pursuit of new solutions, terms such as ‘traceability’ of waste and the certification of every stage of the services provided are a an integral part of our daily routine.