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Tanker’s recycling rate is increasing

Significant increase in tanker recycling rate is projected by Alphatanker for the next two years.

Specifically, Alphatanker noted that 74 tankers were sent for recycling last year. Alphatanker’s latest report predicts that a total of 94 tankers will be shipped for recycling in 2018, noting that 16 tankers have already been shipped for recycling in the first three weeks of 2018.

The reasons for the increasing rate of tanker recycling are the low tariffs in this market and international environmental regulations.

Particularly environmental regulations, such as the marine fuel sulfur limit, which is expected to come into force on January 1, 2020, will prompt several shipowners, according to Alphatanker, to send older tankers to be recycled. and who will meet international standards.

Alphatanker also points out that a large number of shipowners will take precautionary measures and ship recyclables in 2019 to take advantage of higher ship scrapping prices compared to 2020, when prices above their respective levels will be lower. ships for recycling.