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What are the cookies used at

Cookies are some very small information text files that are used by browsers (Chrome, MozillaFirefox etc) and help make a website run better by allowing it to recognize the user’s preferences every time it returns to it. At, there are 4 different types of such text files:

Functionality Cookies: They allow the performance of basic functions of the site. These cookies do not collect information about visitors that could be used for marketing purposes or to record the web pages they have browsed online.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies are essential in order to display advertisements related to the user’s preferences.

Statistics Cookies: They measure user traffic and help administrators improve the content of the site with the aim of providing optimal visitor experience. These cookies do not collect information that could individually identify the visitor.

Preference Cookies: Cookies that help display personalized content to the user.

Why does use cookies?

For the proper functioning of the site and provision of optimal visitor experience.

What about users’ personal data? does not solicit any personal information from its visitors while browsing its content.

The user can modify the browser settings to block some or all cookies. However, if cookies are blocked, some of the content on will not appear.