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4ο Thessaloniki Summit 2019

Honoring the top economic and political event of Thessaloniki Summit 2019, our company RECYCLE GREECE TSERKEZIDIS GROUP of COMPANIES will attend today’s official dinner tonight in the presence of Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotaki, Boyko Borisov and Zoran Zaev, prime ministers of Greece, Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia respectively, who will conclude their speech on the first day of the conference.
The geostrategic, economic and political developments in Southeast Europe and Greece, as well as issues related to energy, reforms, infrastructure, the financial sector and new developments in the wider region, set the agenda of the Conference.

The President and CEO of RECYCLE GREECE TSERKEZIDIS GROUP of COMPANIES Mr. Nikolaos Tserkezidis, accompanied by executives of the company, will honor the Prime Minister and the Thessaloniki Summit 2019 organized by the Hellenic Federation of Industries (SA) in collaboration with SGT) SA, under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos, declaring with his presence the commitment of RECYCLE GREECE in ensuring the protection of the environment in the course of the sustainable development of Greece and of the wider area .